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Stumpjumper Evo

The Ultimate Trail Bike

To enjoy mountain biking’s golden age you need a bike that thrives in diverse terrain and unlocks your potential to progress. The Stumpjumper EVO is that bike.

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Instant Rowdy

The EVO is your seat in the eye of the hurricane, delivering unprecedented control, capability and adjustability, along with unexpected climb-ability.  And that’s good, ‘cause when shit starts flying on the trail, you’ll be Zen in the middle of the mayhem.


two riders riding stumpjumper evo


Out of the box, the Stumpjumper EVO delivers the most capable trail geometry on the planet.  And its adjustability features allow you to customize the ride to suit your style and specific terrain.


Stumpjumper EVO sets the benchmark for modern trail geometry, delivering DH capability alongside lively climbing manners. The generous cockpit centers you on the bike, optimizing traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough, while giving you the freedom to choose between destroying the turn, floating through it, or nailing the inside line.

stumpjumper evo
stumpjumper evo geometry


The Stumpjumper EVO offers six distinct geometry settings to hone its performance for any style, any terrain. The head angle can be adjusted between 63- and 65.5-degrees. Bottom bracket height can be fine-tuned up or down by 7mm. And an aftermarket shock link allows the standard 29” rear wheel to be swapped out for a 27.5” wheel, without affecting other handling dynamics. This EVO’s seamlessly integrated adjustability makes it the most adaptable trail bike ever.

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headset stumpjumper evo

Get Your Head Right

Head Angle is adjustable between 63 and 65.5-degrees via unique eccentric upper headset cup with three settings.  So, whether you’re riding steep and deep, low-speed technical, or something in between, you can tune your EVO trailside in minutes to match the terrain. The spherical lower headset cup perfectly supports the bearing in any of the three settings.

bottom bracket stumpjumper evo

How Low Can You Go?

To keep your center of gravity down and thereby keep stability high, the EVO bottom bracket is always low.  But now you can fine-tune BB height by 7mm by swapping the Horst link chips.  

mullet bike stumpjumper evo


With our aftermarket MulletLink, you can ride a 27.5” rear wheel to liven up responsiveness and give yourself more room to get rad without hooking your shorts on the rear wheel, all while retaining the geometry and suspension characteristics that enable the EVO to rip the way it’s meant to.


The EVO’s S-Sizing is based on what matters; rider size and style, not inseam. Six sizes, all with similar headtube lengths and standover allow you to choose the size that best suits your individual style. Smaller S-Size numbers are going to be more nimble, thanks to their shorter reach and front-center measurement, while bigger S-Sizes deliver more stability and a roomier ride.

stumpjumper sizing
S Sizing

Find Your S-Size

Determining your S-Size is easy; for example, if you rode a Medium before, then S-3 will be your equivalent size. But… if you want a more nimble ride, you’d drop down to an S2. Want a bike that’s more stable at speed? Bump up to an S4.  Following are examples of three riders, all 5’8” (1.73m), who chose three different sizes.

Evo Suspension


The EVO’s 160mm front- and 150mm rear travel is supple on small bumps, devours square-edged hits, feels bottomless and plush on big drops, yet still pedals and climbs responsively. The key ingredient here is Rx Tune - your prescription for fast. Our team of trail obsessed suspension engineers and technicians toiled to develop every aspect of the EVO’s suspension into an optimally performing singularity.

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Rider jumping on Stumpjumper Evo


Tearing a page from our award winning Enduro’s acclaimed suspension performance, the new EVO’s leverage rate delivers small bump sensitivity, mid-stroke support, and compliant but controlled full travel when stomping the big hits. The tuned leverage rate is matched by our Rx size-specific tuned shock, allowing the suspension to do what it needs to do so you can do what you want to do: shred.

Stumpjumper Frame
Evo Chassis


Send it, Mama Bear. That’s right, not too stiff, not too soft…. this bike slaps! These days we can make a frame as stiff as the day is long, but it turns out that’s not what feels good on the trail. To be one with the bike requires engineered compliance in the frame.

Rider in the mountains


We tuned the entire chassis - front end, rear end, and the link between them - as a single unit. This minimizes lateral and torsional deflection and delivers telepathic handling. The Sidearm strut flowing along the right side of the shock between the top tube and seat tube is key to reducing unwanted flex, and allows us to deliver a very specific feel that unifies the ride from front to rear.

Rider First Engineering


Our Rider-First Engineered™ process delivers the optimal balance of tuned stiffness, weight and ride quality from all six sizes, ensuring every rider experiences the same ultimate trail ride characteristics.

Stumpjumper SWAT kit



The SWAT door is a masterpiece of carbon fiber construction and spatial optimization. There’s 15% more room for your “stuff” than before – such as the included 22 oz / 650 mL SWATer bladder.


Stumpjumper Graphics


The graphics on the EVOs is inspired by the mountainous terrain that we love to ride.  We wanted to capture the way light plays in nature; how it can cast the mountains in jagged relief but also soften and smooth depending on how the light hits, illuminating both hard lines and subtle fades.  Multiple coats of ultra high quality paint result in a finish so smooth and deep it feels like you could dive into it.

Designers behind Stumpjumper evo


Being tasked with creating the rippingest trail bike we’ve ever made is no small feat. Steve Saletnik, Brian Robinson, Kayla Clarot, Jamie Stafford, Will Chan, Fred Chiu, Chance Ferro, and more than a dozen others dug into every aspect of handling dynamics, chassis stiffness, suspension kinematics, and design to do exactly that.

Design engineering

Brian Robinson

Jamie Stafford

Industrial Design

Jamie Stafford

Composites Engineering

Will Chan

Suspension R&D

Chance Ferro

Graphic Design

Kayla Clarot

Graphic Design

Luke Beemer

MTB Developer

Fred Chiu

Steve Saletnik

Product Manager

Steve Saletnik

Stumpjumper Evo Tires


The Stumpjumper EVO comes shod with a versatile Eliminator/Butcher tire combo. The rear Eliminator features our T7 compound, bringing durability, toughness and precise feel to this aggressive, fast-rolling tire. Up front, the Butcher in our uniquely crafted T9 compound offers surefooted traction, rebound control and small bump damping. It’s like being Velcroed to the trail.


Specialized Trail Jacket


Bring warmth to your coldest days on the trail with our Trail-Series Alpha Jacket. Using Polartec® Alpha®, the soft, inside liner doesn’t just keep you warm, it quickly evaporates sweat keeping you dry and comfortable. With a casual style, it's right at home on a new Stumpjumper EVO or enjoying a post-ride beverage around the fire pit.


Specialized Helmet


The new Stumpjumper EVO brings confidence to every rider, every style, in every trail scenario. So, when you’re ripping down the trail, the last thing you need to worry about is if your helmet will protect you in a crash. This is why we created the Ambush with ANGi, the lightest and most ventilated extended coverage helmet available.


Specialized Gloves

Trail-Series Thermal Gloves

Don’t let chilly weather stop you from hitting the right lines on your Stumpjumper EVO with our new Trail-Series Thermal Gloves. Featuring a wind-resistant 3-layer softshell upper, these gloves are perfect for long trail rides when the mercury drops. And they keep you warm with a minimum of bulk to ensure a confident and comfortable grip on the bars.